McAuliffe-Fisk House 

100 West Church Street, Fairport NY 14450

McAuliffe-Fisk House

For 130 years people have been walking, driving cars or horses and carriages into Fairport and admired the home at 100 West Church Street. The long wrap-around porch invites one to sit, relax and watch the world go by…or have coffee and watch the 4th of July Parade.

The house has a front gabled roof with smaller east and west wings and 2 story bay windows.

Built in 1872

Nelson Lewis built 100 West Church Street in 1872. The structure has had few changes to the house since it was built and has been meticulously restored inside and out.

Folk Victorian

In "A Field Guide to American Houses", Virginia & Lee McAlester say that Folk Victorian houses were built between 1870 and 1910.

The McAuliffe-Fisk House has many folk Victorian characteristics; front gabled roof with smaller east and west wings and 2 story bay windows. Note, the way the shutters open to a triangle shape so they open the window area. The shutters have louvers and swing on hinges. The shutters have 3 panels to accommodate the long height of the windows. There are simple window surrounds with a simple pediment above.

The porches are a significant detail of this house. The front porch has 1 story Classical porch columns with flat porch spindles. The east side porch has unusual post supports, which are flat with a curved cut out which matches the curved trim on the front door and brackets.

The center gable has a Romanesque style louvered arched vent surrounded with a drip mold. The front door shows Italianate influence - paired front doors with curved windows and trim.

McAuliffe-Fisk House

There are 3 panel shutters on hinges folded to a triangle shape to allow more light into window. Also note, the simple columns on front porch.

McAuliffe - Businessman & Politician

In 1882 Patrick McAuliffe purchased 100 West Church Street. He was one of 2 owners of the Green and McAuliffe Lumber Yard in the Village. The History of Monroe County, 1877 says that in 1873 this lumberyard employed many men in handling from 22-23 million feet of lumber, 2 million shingles, and 600,000 laths annually. McAuliffe was also active in Democratic politics, serving as Perinton Supervisor from 1888-89 and represented this area at the 1892 Democratic National Convention.

Fisk – Attorneys, Pillar of Congregational Church

In 1904, Ephraim Fisk bought this house. Ephraim and his son Elliot and grandson John were all prominent attorneys in Fairport. Elliot Fisk played an important part in the history of the First Congregational Church of Christ at 26 East Church Street in the Village.

Landmark Status

This property was designated by the Preservation Commission in December of 2009. The large Copper Beach tree in the front yard is about 50 years old and is part of the landmark designation.

For more information on the FHPC and designated landmarks, go to the village preservation page or the village website.


McAuliffe-Fisk House, Fairport, NY

1960 photo provided by the Town Historian.



Gable in McAuliffe-Fisk House

Arched vent in front gable with drip mold.



Porch of McAuliffe-Fisk House

Curves in cut out side porch supports match the curve of the door.


Editors Note - The Fairport-Herald reported in 1875, under the title "Building and Improvements " that "The larger dwellings going up this year are quite elaborate in design and will be first class in all their appointments. Mr. Elebach has the contract for those of Mr. Lewis and Mr. Dobbin which will be finished in superior style." For a clip of the article download Fairport Herald 5/14/1875.

(Photos from 2009 unless noted)

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