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Greek Revival

Greek Revival Style: 1825 - 1860

Hulburt-106-v1-JWhitney-2008-Web400The ancient Greek temple inspired American Greek Revival architecture. Massive cornices and columns distinguish Greek Revival details from their similar earlier Federal style neighbors. Greek Revival architecture flourished in those states with the largest population growth during this thirty-five year period, with New York State experiencing the most growth.

Features of 106 Hulburt Road common for this style: frieze band windows, decorative grills, wide cornice band, door with side lights, six-over-six windows, and corner pilasters.

When the Erie Canal was completed in 1825, it opened up the NY state western frontier to new settlers from the east and to the prevailing eastern home building style of Greek Revival architecture. Fairport, along with many other communities along the Erie Canal, owe their existence to commerce conducted on the canal. It is no surprise then that Greek Revival is a common house style in Fairport, and indeed the rest of the state.

Characteristic Details:


One and one-half or two-story front gable facades with a side entrance is common. 79 West Avenue and 42 West Street are good examples of this style.

Structures with one side wing are prevalent; two side wings less comman. 10 Clinton Place is a good example of a house with two side wings. The wings of 177 South Main Street are not original, but blend well with the style of the original structure.

Roofs and Cornice

Roofs were either hipped or gabled, with a wide band of trim under the main roof called the cornice. This is often decorated with small windows covered by a grille. At the gable end, the cornice can extend across the entire width to form a full pediment, or it can be discontinuous across the gable front and extend only a few feet into the facade. This combination of a decorated cornice and a front gable facade is the most common feature of Greek Revival houses within the Fairport. Sometimes, pediments are used as decorative features in the roof line, as can be seen at 205 South Main Street and 24 West Street.

The property at 110 Hulburt Road has porches that are one-story and are supported by classical columns.


Mainly one-story, often with a wide cornice and supported by classical columns. Because the Greek Revival homes in Fairport are considered vernacular (of local design), the columns are usually square. The home pictured above is located at 110 Hulburt Road. 42 and 25 West Street and 79 West Avenue show square columns. A full pediment may occur at the top of the porch roof.


Characterized by narrow sidelights and a rectangular transom over the top of the door frame. Sometimes doorways are recessed with half columns, pilasters or wide cornices decorating the entry. A recessed doorway with half columns can be seen at 62 West Avenue, and pilasters are located at the front house corners at 106 Hulburt Avenue.


Siz panes over six panes will be seen on most of the Greek Revival houses within Fairport. Also common for this style are the frieze band windows with decorative grills on a wide cornice band.

EastChurch33 Web400
 The home at 33 East Church Street was built 1930-50.
 It has a broken pediment and frieze band windows.
This home, built 1840-1850 was moved from the canal to
South Main and then to its current location at 10 Clinton Place.


For an index of other styles that can be found in the Perinton area go to the Architectural Styles page in the History section.



Frieze band window shown from inside looking out - 106 Hulburt Road.

Greek Revival "ears" over the door - 106 Hulburt Road.

42 West Street has a broken pediment and typical Greek Revival porch. 

62 West Avenue door has side-lights and a transom window.

This home at 1070 Pittsford-Victor Road has a full pediment, six over six windows, Greek entrance. 

Located at 79 West Avenue, this Greek Revival has had the original windows replaced with Tudor like leaded-glass panes.


Village of Fairport homes with Greek Revival features:

33 East Church Street
10 Clinton Place
106 Hulburt Road
110 Hulburt Road
19 West Street
24 West Street
25 West Street
42 West Street
62 West Avenue
78-80 West Avenue
79 West Avenue
94 West Avenue
143 South Main
147 South Main
177 South Main
164 West Church

Town of Perinton homes with Greek Revival features:

126 Ayrault Road
526 Ayrault Road
2381 East Whitney Road
2215 Five Mile Line Road
2543 Huber Road
1041 Pittsford-Victor Road
5935 Pittsford-Palmyra Road
7752 Pittsford-Palmyra Road
7516 Pittsford-Palmyra Road
Orchard Glen, Lincoln Mills Road
495 Victor Road

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