Forest Hills Tour


The Annual Historic Tour for 2011 will featured the "community" of Forest Hills in Perinton. Houses that were open to the public; 4 Lake Crescent Drive, 19 Ridgeview Drive, 23 Ridgeview Drive, 16 Ridgeview Drive, 21 Fair Oaks Drive and 13 Regency Drive.

Forest Hills is a unique part of the Perinton community.

Tudor Revival at 23 Ridgeview Drive

History of Forest Hills, by Kenneth Dodgson

'The earliest known plans for the development of the area known as Forest Hills are penciled "overlays" superimposed on a site survey done for Harold P. Dygert by John Abner Stuart and completed in December 17, 1927.

The architect of seventy-five designed homes of the 1930s occupy a contiguous area within Forest Hills was Harold P. Dygert. During his lifetime, beginning in the 1920s and through the 1960s, Harold claimed to have designed and built over 600 homes - mostly in the East Rochester area - but also in Brighton, Pittsford and the City of Rochester.

Forest Hills became his first major project and apparently remained his favorite, due primarily to the harmonious variety of architectural styles that was accomplished. A third of these are Tudor Revival, with an equal number of English Cottage and French Eclectic design, the later characterized by round tower entrances and referred to by Dygert as "Norman style".

Approximately 20% of the homes fall into the category of Colonial Revival done in wood, brick and stone. Harold Dygert personally did the architectural design work in collaboration with each original resident, which accounts for the one-of-a-kind nature of Forest Hills homes'. For more on the History of Forest Hills.


The house at 13 Regency Drive shares several characteristics of both modernistic and international styles.



4 Lake Cresent is a Colonial Revival.



19 Ridgeview is an example of French Eclectic style.



ardens at 23 Ridgeview Drive.

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