People of Perinton

People of Perinton is an attempt to focus on many of the important historic personages that have lived or contributed in some way to our community. It is not complete list. The page will be updated as stories are written or found. If you have a story and would like to share it, please contact us by phone, mail or submit it by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Photos are also welcome. The place, person, date of photo and photographer is helpful to information to us for our records and would be of interest to our readers.

All stories must be or original content and sources of information noted as appropriate. If possible provide electronically.

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Hiram Moseley

Celestia Ayrault & Emily Ayrault Hobbie


Carmen Peck
An article about Carmen Peck was written by Bill Poray for the November issue of our newsletter, the Historigram.

Carl W. Peters
Creator of the mural in the Fairport Historical Museum on Perrin Street.

Ellen Stoll Walsh
Illustrator of children's books and the three mice stuatue outside the Public Library on South Main Street.


Thomas G. Coffee (1886 – 1958)
Thomas Coffee was Superintendent of Fairport Schools for 26 years - 1925 - 1951.

Martha Brown (1890 – 1966)
Fairport resident and teacher in Fairport Schools from 1920 – 1957.  Honored for her many years of service, and her place in the hearts of the community, with the designation of Fairport’s Junior High School as Martha Brown Junior High School. Article to come.

Minerva Deland
Granddaughter of Minerva Parce Deland

Joe Cummings (1911 - 1995)
Cummings was involved in Fairport athletics for thirty-six years. He was more than just a coach. He was a motivator, educator and an inspiration to every student.

Elma N. Gaffney (1893 – 1980)


Dr. George A. Dean (1904 - 1970)
He served as the town’s medical officer for 14 years, and was the physician for Fairport Schools from 1942 to 1967, although his service was interrupted by World War II.


Daniel B. Deland (1823-1872)

Minerva Parce Deland (1829-1902)

Henry Deland

Austin R. Conant & Mary Conant

Isaac S. Hobbie

William Boyland & Belle Boyland

George S. Filkins
(1838 - 1917)
A prominent figure in Fairport in the late 1800s due to his service in the Civil War and his impact of the development of the village of Fairport.

Albert Knapp (1912 - 2005)
Albert is perhaps best known for his role in local politics. He started out with a position on the Perinton Recreation Commission. He was elected village mayor in 1963 and served as village trustee for four years starting in 1967.

William H. Dobbin
William Dobbin built many houses in Fairport. His own home is at 141 West Avenue.

In the February 2014 issue of the Historigram Willaim Dobbin recalls the circumstances of 1859 which caused him to meet his future wife, Miss Margaret Calder. Download the February 2014 Historigram issue to read The Reminiscences of William Henry Dobbin.

Published in the April 2014 issue of the Historigram  is a story from Mr. Dobbin recalling a story told to him by his father. Download the April 2014 issue of the Historigram to read the article, Going to the Mill with Eight Bushels of Wheat.

Charles Howe (1846 - 1903)
Mr. Howe was closely identified with the industrial growth of Fairport and was on of its most influential and respected citizens. He and his family lived in a fine house at 26 Perrin Street designed by John Rochester Thomas.


John Rochester Thomas (1848 - 1901)
One of the most prolific architects in the late 19th Century John Rochester Thomas was born in Rochester, NY. At least three of his designs are among the architecture of the village of Fairport.





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